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The Citation Project at CCCC 2011

I’m delighted to discover that all four panels proposed for CCCC and deriving from the Citation Project have been accepted. Even though two of them appear in the same time slot, it’s a great opportunity to demonstrate the diverse threads of scholarship that are emerging from the systematic analysis of students’ use of sources. Here are the panels; mark your calendar!

Thursday, April 7:

C34, “The Citation Project: Results of a 16-College Study of Students’ Use of Sources.”
Chair: Chris Anson
Rebecca Moore Howard, “The Background: Why We Need Data-Driven Research to Understand Plagiarism”
Sandra Jamieson, “A Statistical Profile of 160 Students’ Researched Writing, with Implications for Teaching.”

D36, “Citation Context Analysis: Fresh Approaches to Assessment and Tutoring.”
Chair: Rebecca Moore Howard
Trisha Serviss, “Unveiling the Wizards of Writing Assessment: Methods for Revising the Premises and Practices of Assessment”
Bess Fox, “Citation Analysis in an Institutional Assessment of Information Literacy: Measuring Student Engagement with Source Material”
Elizabeth Kleinfeld, “Beyond “Gotcha” in the Writing Center: Using Citation Analysis in Tutorials.”

Saturday, April 9:

11:00-12:15: We have two sessions in this time slot! Folks will have to choose between them:

M05, “Taking the Citation Project Back into History and Across the Curriculum”
Chair: Kelly Kinney
Nancy Barry, “Before Research Went Electronic: How Did Students Use Sources?”
Brock MacDonald, “Citation Practices and Disciplinary Acculturation: Learning to Write Research Papers in Geography”
Tanya Rodrigue, “Students’ Use of Sources in Classes across the Curriculum”

M06, “Fresh Perspectives on Plagiarism and Responsibility”
Chair: Sandra Jamieson
Crystal Benedicks, “Who Cares?”: Academic Integrity Policy and Other Sacred Texts”
Missy Watson, “Contesting the Scholarship on Plagiarism: An Inquiry into Research Methods and Methodologies”
Kristi Murray Costello, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: How FYC Fosters Irresponsible Source Use”
Kathryn Navickas, “Civil Disobedience: How FYC Fosters Civic Irresponsibility”

See you in Atlanta!