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Using the handbook in class: Reading assignments and peer groups

August 23, 2010 by  
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My classes, including a section of Comp 1, start on August 31. This semester I’ll be doing something I never have before: I’ll be giving no whole-chapter reading assignments in the handbook. I’m doing that because I’ve had to acknowledge over the past several years that most of my students simply aren’t reading these assignments, […]

New article, new journal

August 11, 2009 by  
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I’m happy to say that an article that Patricia Serviss, Tanya Rodrigue, and I wrote has just been accepted at the new journal Writing and Pedagogy. They’re going to be publishing a special issue on plagiarism. Our article, titled “Writing from Sources, Writing from Sentences,” isn’t actually about plagiarism. Rather, it’s about some of the […]