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Latest trends:

  1. Main trends in men’s clothing for the Fall Winter 2019-20

Here we present you three influential models of men’s clothing AH19-20 that bridge the formal and informal sectors. Official Graphics retraces old street/sports modes with a touch of elegance and modernity, and on the other hand, Fashion Leather Shapes bring a contact of opulence to the classic shapes. Blanket Wrap brings you a hybrid version of the winter scarf and sweater, offering seasonal comfort and new overlay options and possibilities.

  • Formal Graphics

Typographical prints are seen in a more formal setting for the AH19-20 season. The horizontal and vertical placement of large-scale marking and enlarged text impressions are carefully studied, with monochromatic contrasts adding additional impact to the sharp silhouettes. The tonal colors soften and refine the bold characters, and the usage of embroidery introduces a finesse element into the texture.

  • The Blanket Wrap

Accessories and clothing combine like oversized scarves inspired by scarves to create a cozy superposition effect. Dyed wool and soft grey and soft yarns with sewn fringes or edges are wrapped, belted around the body for a draped and enveloping impact that provides a relaxed and comfortable look.

  • Fashion Shapes in Leather

The classic lines of men’s clothing and styles for outdoor events are reinterpreted with a touch of luxury for the AH19-20 season. The trench coats, quilted jackets, and wide pants are made of soft and supple leather, formalizing casual looks and further refining the essential elements.

  1. Main material orientations for women for autumn-winter 2019-2020

We provide you an overview of the primary materials and fabrications that will inspire the Fall-Winter 2019-20 women’s fashion season. Here you have an exclusive look at three essential material trends that will inspire and showcase the season’s clothing. In an atmosphere of discreet luxury, high-quality materials are enhanced by the use of silhouettes with clean lines and a minimum of detail, which emphasizes manufacturing.

  • Unqualified Luxury Padding

Comfortable winter cuts take a sophisticated turn as designers move from traditional quilting to a softer and more refined appearance. Exaggerated proportions and more fluid constructions bring a new refinement to the silhouettes of outer garments with glossy satin finishes that enhance their luxurious appearance.

  • Wanderer Knits

The seasonal meshes combine the subtle tribal influences with contemporary craftsmanship in a reinterpretation of craftsmanship. The oversized silhouettes present details of extreme fringes that channel the street style atmosphere with a relaxed movement while travelers from around the world inform the bold monochrome designs and graphics.

  • Everyday Luxury Leathers

Leather brings a high luxury touch to the essential items of the wardrobe, as outdoor clothing and seasonal costumes are reworked in premium skins. The smooth, ungrained finishes and delicate, light handles offer a clean and personalized look with luxurious warmth and depth that enhance the sleek, flawless silhouettes.

  1. Presentation of the Fashion Week 2019 Street Style trends

We give you an overview of the three main trends observed during International Fashion Week events. Our team is on the lookout for the latest fashion trends, extravagances of the week, identifying the key looks that embellish fashionistas and industry influencers attending fashion shows. Traveling to New York, Milan, Paris, London, and Copenhagen, our expert photographers and analysts captured the must-have pieces that will influence the apparel and apparel industry in 2019 and beyond. Our street Style trend reports have identified and assessed the business value and longevity of each trend, giving you an in-depth analysis to guide your decision-making.

  • Softened Summer Plaids

The classic tile patterns are reworked for the summer season in light and fresh colors for a more feminine touch. The pastel hues and delicate neutral tones are reflected in structured wools, fancy dresses, and shirts, soft masculine influences, and custom silhouettes.

  • The Chic Anorak

Outdoor anoraks are luxury manufactures and high-end details. Clamping cords, flowing silhouettes, subtly shiny finishes, and sophisticated pastel and pale colors are used to bring a new level of femininity to practical, versatile, trans-seasonal coats.

  • The High-Tech Holder

The banana is again trending with modular mulches, handbags, and holders of technological devices or gadgets. Premium leather finishes and dull colors give a chic and luxurious look too utilitarian accessories, combining high fashion and high functionality.